‘ Karel V – consciously committed’

Grand Hotel Karel V sets great store by corporate social responsibility with regard to its products, suppliers and employees. Sustainability, quality, reliability and consideration for mankind and our environment are central.
Our Green Key hallmark guarantees that we do everything possible to minimise pressure on natural resources and the environment. Green Key businesses go a step further than ordinary laws and regulations require.

Sustainability and CSR at Grand Hotel Karel V

The choice of suppliers is determined partly by:

  • Certification at product level;
  • Always knowing the origin of products;
  • Animal-friendly production;
  • Organic as far as possible;
  • A preference for local sourcing;
  • ‘One-stop shopping’, as many product groups as possible in one transport movement;
  • Population management of animals used, e.g. take account of mating periods;
  • No child labour;
  • Sustainable processing of waste materials.

Management of monuments - ‘Respect for historical heritage’

Grand Hotel Karel V is located in a national monument with an impressive history. The hotel opened after an extensive restoration of the former Country Commandry of the Teutonic Knightly Order. This complex of buildings, previously better known as the ‘Duitse’ House, dates from the 14th century and was previously used as a monastery and as a military hospital. The buildings have been restored to their former glory. Fascinating historical construction details and archaeological finds have been left on display throughout the building.
Appreciative hospital students from Japan once donated exotic trees when they left. Our garden has unique trees such as an ancient Japanese walnut tree and an oriental plane tree more than three centuries old. In collaboration with specialists we guarantee optimum care and maintenance of these magnificent trees. Out of respect for this historical heritage, the hotel ensures that the monument is maintained as a visual embodiment of our corporate social responsibility.

High-quality product

Grand Hotel Karel V strives to deliver the best possible product in every respect. In our stylish five-star hotel rooms, our Bistro Karel 5, Restaurant Karel 5 or our banqueting rooms. We buy honest products from local and regional suppliers who have incorporated sustainability into their business philosophy. These are genuine farm products and fresh fish and we always keep in mind information on sustainable fishing and seasonal factors. We believe the catering industry can play an exemplary role in promoting awareness among guests and encouraging more responsible consumption and enjoyment.

Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd

Grand Hotel Karel V works closely with Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd in Utrecht. While caring for nature and the environment, this organic vegetable garden is dedicated to preserving traditional varieties of vegetables as well as the Kromme Rijn, a unique cultural landscape in east Utrecht. It also runs a unique project that provides a useful daytime activity for people with limited prospects of entry into the Dutch labour market. Young people with a disability are helped back into society by means of learning and working programmes. Every week Chef Vito Reekers buys fresh vegetables here for both Bistro Karel 5 and Restaurant Karel 5.

Social engagement

Grand Hotel Karel V also aims to be a reliable company that is loyal to the local community. Quality of life, cleanliness, safety and growth of the immediate environment are therefore paramount. We take part in various collaborative ventures at local, regional and national (government) level. As a hotel in the centre of Utrecht we make our premises available for various cultural events, such as exhibitions, community celebrations and Het Huis van de Poëzie.


The fact that our building is a national monument constrains us in our efforts to maximise energy conservation, but we do make optimum choices in terms of equipment and energy management. Our crockery and glassware is cleaned with 100% ‘green’ detergents and our cleaning service also uses ‘green’ products. We also carry out maximum waste separation with temporary storage that does not harm our environment.

Charging points for electronic cars

More and more people select an electronic car. And that’s a good thing, according to Grand Hotel Karel V. These cars produce no harmful emissions and are also more quieter than regular cars. To stimulate the use of electronic cars, Grand Hotel Karel V has placed 4 charging points, so that you can get back on track after your stay in our hotel or culinary night.