Grand Hotel Karel V is accessible to everyone. So just walk in, enjoy the gardens, have a coffee on the terrace or view the unique historical finds, photos and drawings in the corridors. To make it extra fun we organize a view moments, where a visit to Karel V is just more fun. When will you come by?


june, 2021

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Saturday, June 29 till Sunday, September 29

On Saturday, June 29, a statue exhibition will be opened in the gardens of Grand Hotel Karel V, called the (HE)ART OF STEEL. For the second time, gallery owner Eric Morren from Morren Galleries will be the curator of this exhibition. Two Belgium and two Dutch artists are selected to show their impressive statues during the summer. Everyone is invited to take a look at the statues in our gardens, which are hidden by the monastery walls.

The artists

The Dutch Jeroen Jacobs (1979, Made) creates with old iron lifesize animalstatues, which are robust as well as refined. With parts of vehicles and machines, but also tubes, plates, horseshoes, screws, et cetera. He welds these parts together to create wonderfully realistic images. The other Dutch artist is Irma Horstman (1960, Zelhem). Typical for the abstract art of Horstman is the searching for a connection between organic forms of human and nature. Her long and stretched statues are reminiscent of prehistoric or primitive objects, where people formerly meet each other to invoke the gods.

The Belgian Phillippe Timmermans (1957) imagines de powerfull and athletic man-figures in bronze with a monumental character. The bronze is combined with pedestals made of corten steel, but in such a way that is part of the art. Belgian Gerda de Jonghe (1952, Lennik) studied at the academies of Anderlecht, Aalst, Liedekerke and Ninove. She works with ceramic, polyester or bronze. The large Easter island-like heads that are presented in the gardens, are made of polyester, with a coating of corten steel.




Saturday, June 29 juni

On the same day of the opening of the exhibition of Morren Galleries, it is also Open Gardenday in Utrecht.

Behind the historic walls of the Utrecht city centre are beautiful gardens which normally remain hidden. Each garden that will open its doors on the Utrecht Open Garden Day has its own very distinct character. With a wide variety in design, some gardens have special statues and most provide a wonderful view of the surrounding buildings. The gardens of Karel V are always accesible. In the hotel are papers with information about the rich history and unique trees in the garden.

If you would like to visit more participating gardens in Utrecht, you could buy a passe-partout.


Sunday, July 7

During ‘Struinen door de tuinen’ on Sunday, July 7, you can enjoy live music from singer-songwriter ‘Eyes of Ruby’ while sitting on our terrace.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see the world through the ‘Eyes of Ruby’. They will take you to the Italian coast, Dutch fall storms and forgotten dreams. Beautiful, pure, sweet songs. With only a gitar, piano and the beautiful voice of Ilia will make the audience quiet.

Ilia Timpanaro: Sing and piano
Lindy Janssen: Gitar

On Sunday, July 7, they will perform three times for 30 minutes on 12:45 / 14:15 / 15:45


From June 21

A terrace in the heart of Utrecht, in a green oasis of peace, where there is always space… It looks almost impossible, but hidden behind the monastery walls lies this terrace. Step through the gate at the Springweg, take a seat and enjoy your food and drinks. Try Karels summercocktail, a fresh drink with tequila, lime and rosemary from our own garden. Every season, our bartenders from the Bar&Lounge make a special cocktail. When are you passing by to try the cocktail? The gate is always open! If you want to have lunch or dinner in the garden, we recommend you to reserve a table. Call 030 233 7595.


A fresh IPA beer arise from the tasteful colaboration between the ‘crazy chef’ from Karel 5 and the brewers of Oproer. The new IPA beer called ‘IJzerhard’ is available in our Bar&Lounge, at Oproer and other locations. Made with the unique ingerdient verveine, picked from our own herb garden. A beer with a story.