Brasserie Goeie Louisa

Looking for a cosy brasserie in the centre of Utrecht? At Goeie Louisa you can enjoy classic basic recipes with a modern twist in a unique open monastery kitchen. The informal ‘casual classic’ atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. Moreover, our kitchen offers excellent value for money.


Brasserie Goeie Louisa in Utrecht is a popular meeting place for locals, tourists and business people alike. The informal ‘casual classic’ atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. In our brasserie, we offer an international wine list. Of course, we carefully coordinate these with our daily menus and à la carte dishes. By the way, you can order these fine wines by the glass.


Brasserie Goeie Louisa is the place to enjoy every moment of the day. Our menu consists of various dishes and true classics. Want to end your dinner on a high note? We also offer delicious desserts on our menu.


In the nineteenth century, afternoon tea became popular to fill the gap between lunch and dinner; at Karel 5 we still like to make a good time of it. The afternoon tea is served around two o’clock in the afternoon.

anything is possible

Karel 5 is the culinary label of Grand Hotel Karel V in Utrecht. We introduced this label for our restaurants in 2016 after completing several renovations. With this we focus on the very extensive culinary possibilities for business and private purposes. From local to international.


Take a seat and order a cocktail in a bar that is open to both hotel guests and outside guests.


A culinary adventure of modern flavour combinations with a tailored wine tour through the most beautiful regions.