our meetingrooms and gardens

With monumental elegance

From 1348, the Teutonic Order was the starting point for crusaders who left for regions to convert pagans to Christianity. The monastery also served to receive dignitaries, kings and nobles. After all, luxury hotels did not yet exist at that time and monasteries usually had good facilities. We honour our famous guests, such as Mary of Hungary, in the name of our rooms.

Karel V offers plenary rooms with break-out rooms – to take a break if concentration is waning or if an important message comes in. There are also several rooms of various sizes with a capacity of up to 150 persons. For dinners, you can join us up to 135 people. Restaurant Karel 5 and Bistro Karel 5 both have their own terrace.

gulden vlies room

lodewijk napoleon room

anna van oostenrijk room

graaf van leicester room


maria van hongarije room

gravin van meurs

graaf van egmond zaal

graaf jan van nassau room

graaf willem iv room

hertog van brunswijk room

hertog van alva room

hertogen room

de graanzolder

caves caroli

bar & lounge

restaurant karel 5

bistro karel 5