Meetings in Utrecht

Meetings at a special location in Utrecht are possible! Just imagine: signing a contract in the kluistoren, a dinner for a wedding in an iconic medieval dining room, a presentation in a former dormitory of the monks or a delicious wine tasting in a basement with colleagues. If you want to host a meeting in Utrecht or use another occasion? With 13 rooms and beautiful terraces and gardens, Karel 5 is an ideal meeting location in Utrecht. Right in the middle of city center but still offering the wonderful relaxation of Utrecht. A dynamic of its own – meeting in the middle of the beating heart of Utrecht. Within the walls of Karel 5 history is still being written every day.


We host events every day: from intimate meetings, workshops and international conferences to team building activities and business dinners. In a historical setting, Karel 5 offers beautiful solutions for your meeting in Utrecht.
Within this setting you will feel at home, because we are chic but never stiff. Regular simplicity & classy are also concepts we embrace. Meetings in Utrecht can be held in our rooms and spaces of various sizes. We receive both large groups with a capacity of up to 150 people and small intimate groups. In this we have the luxury of providing our guests with no less than 13 rooms and various terraces, each with its own unique and distinct history. Our culinary interpretations of the meetings in Utrecht are provided by our bistro or our restaurant Karel 5. We apply two price levels, namely: a bistronomic or gastronomic interpretation. We serve the same high quality as you are used to from us. Enjoying an informal meeting in Utrecht over a beer is of course also possible! In addition, our rooms also have modern audiovisual equipment with large screens and wireless connection. When required, our staff will be at your service and provide you with our excellent service and hospitality for your customers.

highly recommended

A must for meetings in Utrecht is our Gulden Vlieskamer which dates from 1450 and was previously used as a vault, dungeon or as an archive. A nice detail is that the hatch with the ‘letterbox’ was at the bottom of the tower. This allowed bats to fly in and out of the tower.

grand hotel karel v

Are you travelling from far away or is the meeting postponed? Then you can stay at Grand Hotel Karel V in one of our 5* rooms after the meeting in Utrecht. We offer very attractive multiple day arrangements where the details are decided together with you. For an extensive impression of Karel 5 as event location in Utrecht you can look further on our site. Please feel free to contact us at +31(0)30 233 75 50 or email your questions about meetings in Utrecht to events@karel5.nl.