Karel V – consciously involved

Our unique location, our guests, our employees and the quality of our products form the centre at all times. We are convinced that we make a positive contribution to the well-being of people and the environment in which we live.


Grand Hotel Karel V is settled in a national monument with an impressive history. The realization of this hotel is the result of a striking restoration of the former Land Commandery of the Knightly German Order. This monumental estate, formerly better known as the German House, dates from the fourteenth century and has been used as a monastery and military hospital. The buildings have been restored to their former glory. Interesting historical details and archaeological findings have been kept visible everywhere. Grateful hospital students from Japan donated exotic trees when they left. In our garden, there are unique trees such as an old Japanese walnut tree and an Oriental sycamore tree of more than three centuries old. In cooperation with specialists, we guarantee an optimal care and thus preservation of the monumental trees. Our respect for this historical heritage and our ambition to financially maintain this monument through hotel operations make our vision of corporate social responsibility tangible.


Whether it is our 5* hotel rooms with all their allure, our Bistro Karel 5, Restaurant Karel 5 or our banquet rooms, we strive for a high-quality product on all parts. In our search for the best ingredients for these goals, one thing is certain: only the very best is good enough. And often that can be found in the nearby surroundings. We buy fair products from local and regional suppliers who have incorporated sustainability into their business philosophy. We focus on real farm products and fresh fish, while also keeping in mind the fishing season and the pointer for the fish. We believe that the catering industry has an exemplary function to allow the guest to consume and enjoy more consciously and more responsibly.

Maarschalkerweerd vegetable garden

Restaurant Karel 5 maintains a close partnership with ”Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd” in Utrecht. This organic vegetable garden tries to keep old vegetable varieties culinary and to preserve a unique piece of cultural landscape, Kromme Rijn in Utrecht-Oost. Also, it is a unique project that provides people with less fortunate backgrounds, integration possibilities into the labour market. Young people with an occupational disability are given the opportunity to reintegrate through learning pathways in society. Our Chef de Cuisine Leon Mazaraic orders fresh vegetables for both Bistro Karel 5 and Restaurant Karel 5 every week.


Grand Hotel Karel V aims to be a reliable and loyal company. Quality, cleanliness, safety, and growth of the direct environment are therefore of paramount importance. We participate in various partnerships at local, regional and national (administrative) level. As a cultural city in the Netherlands, we make our hotel available for various cultural events such as exhibitions, neighbourhood parties and The House of Poetry.


Our monumental building limits us in striving for maximum energy savings, but we make optimal choices in equipment and energy management. Our crockery and glassware are cleaned with 100% “green” dishwashing detergents and our cleaning service also works with “green” products. Furthermore, we do maximum waste separation with a temporary storage without hindrance for our surroundings.