“How much is on my gift card? If you have ever used a gift card, this question will probably sound familiar to you. Sometimes the value of a gift card is not on the card at all. If you’ve used the card once but haven’t spent it all, it’s also helpful if you can check your balance to see how much is left. The Balance Check on this page allows you to view the balance on your gift card quickly and easily. Type the card number in the boxes and click on ‘balance’.

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Please keep an eye on our website and this page for more information. For questions, please contact +31 (0)30 233 75 55.

frequently asked questions covid-19


We can no longer take your coat from you, you may hang it up on the designated coat racks yourself. Our staff will point these out.

Depending on where you need to be, you will be directed to a restroom.

We make sure that all the measures we take are clearly visible and, in addition, there are plenty of staff walking around to answer your questions and provide you with further information.

Yes, you can still park your car on our premises under the same conditions. We will provide you with an exit ticket at the end of your stay.

Rooms and facilities

In principe verloopt inchecken zoals u van ons gewend bent. Om verspreiding van het Coronavirus te voorkomen, staan bij de receptie plexiglas schermen. Ook wordt de receptie regelmatig schoongemaakt.

Your room will only be cleaned if you are not present. If you stay the whole day within the hotel, you can inform the reception at what time you want your room to be cleaned. This is possible between 09:00 and 14:00.

At this time you can have breakfast in room. We serve breakfast in time slots of one hour. You can specify these when making your reservation.

Our doormen will ask you if it is desired to bring your luggage to the room and they will do so with a trolley.

Our fitness and wellness facilities are available by appointment, due to the maximum number of guests. You can ask about the possibilities by calling +31 (0)30 233 75 55.


Our team will be happy to help you explore the possibilities and which room and set-up would be most suitable.

At the moment we serve lunch and dinner in the rooms. For further questions, please contact the Events Department on +31 (0)30 233 75 50

We proberen het aantal bewegingen in het pand tot een minimum te beperken. U mag wel door het pand lopen, maar we vragen u verder zo veel mogelijk te gaan zitten.

Restaurant & Bistro & Terrace

The setups in our Bistro and Restaurant have been adjusted to comply with the 1.5 meter rule. The chairs at the tables have also been spaced apart. There is one entrance and one exit in each room, unless the passageway has enough room to allow for two-way traffic.