maxime busnel

Sales manager (Revenue, Room Reservations & Sales)

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Maxime and I have been working at GHKV since 2020. I grew up in Utrecht with a French father and Dutch mother and my two older sisters. Because of my French roots, I have a great affinity with the country and the language, I am absolutely crazy about Paris! I currently live in Houten and apart from work I like to be with friends. In my spare time, I like to visit other catering establishments and go to the gym for fitness and yoga. Apart from that, I am a real Excel nerd, enjoy figuring things out and am very curious.

After several years, I became a permanent employee there and had the opportunity to do a lot of training for the hospitality industry. Eventually, I was employed there permanently for a total of 17 years and had worked myself up to assistant manager. After this long adventure, I spent some time working in catering, but that turned out not to be my thing. Now I have been working at Grand Hotel Karel V with great pleasure and passion for about 13 years.

What do you do inside Grand Hotel Karel V?

As Sales Manager, I am responsible for the Room Reservations and Sales departments. I am also responsible for the entire Revenue Management section, where I try to optimise room turnover as much as possible through a short- and long-term pricing strategy. Apart from the daily tasks, there are now 2 major projects running in which I am closely involved, namely the room renovation that will take place in the coming months and the adjustments to the entire system infrastructure of our systems.

Why did you choose Grand Hotel Karel V?

When I was thirteen, I did my apprenticeship in here, I immediately fell in love with the hotel. If this was the hotel industry, I wanted nothing more than to work in it! The position that became vacant in 2020 perfectly matched the phase I was in. Having gained a lot of experience at chains and head offices, front and back, I was ready for a new step.

Grand Hotel Karel V has everything I was looking for, an independent 5-star hotel right in the centre of Utrecht. The hotel has a rich history, is at a high culinary level and it is of course a beautiful building. When I started working here, I found out that the possibilities are endless and you get a lot of freedom to develop yourself and do what you like. For instance, I was promoted after 1.5 years and my job does not have a fixed framework, but I can move around freely. In addition, we have a super fun, varied team and there is an informal and friendly working atmosphere. Because it is such a large organisation, you have many different colleagues and it is a vibrant and dynamic environment to work in.

Would you like to work in a five-star hotel in the heart of Utrecht where there is plenty of room for personal development and where own initiative is appreciated?

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