Looking for a culinary experience in Utrecht? Enjoy special dishes at Karel 5, where you will find modern and stylish flavour combinations in a casual ambiance. The magic of the monastery has inspired a new way of gastronomy.

Grand Hotel Karel V is situated at a unique location on Catharijnesingel, in the middle of Utrecht. A special location with a rich history and impressive gardens. In the large complex of Grand Hotel Karel V, you will find an atmospheric Bar and Lounge, Restaurant Karel 5 and Brasserie Goeie Louisa.

Culinary arrangements

Karel is Grand Hotel’s culinary label and to give you the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, we have put together a number of culinary packages for you. Check here for the current offer.

The ambience

Discover how relaxed high-level dining can be and should be. Because chic, stylish and relaxed go hand in hand at our restaurant. Enjoy the personal touch, craftsmanship and spacious table setting in an iconic location. We also have a lovely terrace! In short, dine elegantly in the historic heart of Utrecht at Restaurant Karel 5.

the atmosphere

With Karel 5 a bridge is built between the history that the building brings and the modern facilities and gastronomic possibilities. Restaurant Karel 5 stands for elegant dining, guided by our chef de cuisine Leon Mazairac and maître-sommelier Johan Kragtwijk. Bistro Karel 5 is more casual classic with its lunch, dinner and drinks menu. We are the meeting point in Utrecht for ‘business, foodies and friends’.


A culinary adventure of modern flavour combinations with a matched wine journey through the most beautiful regions.


In our brasserie, you can taste the classic basic recipes with a modern twist in the unique open monastery kitchen.

bar & lounge

Sit down and order a cocktail in a bar accessible to both hotel guests and outside guests.