Tobias Bolkestein

Head of procurement & controller

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Tobias Bolkestein. For 13 years, I have enjoyed working at Karel V. Where I started in the Bistro, then moved to the Restaurant kitchen and then stood as a chef in the Banqueting kitchen. Since January, I have been working in the warehouse as Head of Purchasing and Controller

What do you do inside Grand Hotel Karel V?

For Karel V, I do the purchasing regarding all departments also pay attention to all costs. So it’s a big responsibility! The chefs of the Restaurant, Banqueting and Bistro do go shopping themselves. They make the dishes and can therefore estimate more quickly what they need. When the purchases are made, I do check before ordering.

Why did you choose Grand Hotel Karel V?

At Grand Hotel Karel V, I joined as an apprentice. Apprentice independent working chef. I liked this hotel as a culinary high point. At the time I entered here, we still had a Michelin star. The restaurant was the only one in Utrecht to be regarded as the best restaurant. After several years of experience in the kitchen of both the Bistro and Restaurant, I now work as Head of Purchasing and Controller, as this suits me better at the moment. Here you work during the day and only during the week. In this, I found more peace for myself. Fixed times and days. The job is perhaps very different from where I came from but each in its own way challenging.

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