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Interested in working at Karel V?

You oversee the whole scene. Through your operational support, you make sure your colleagues can shine in their departments. You get excited by being in contact with guests, they share their experiences with you and you do something with their experiences. Besides being in contact with your colleagues and guests, you are also good at working alone. You monitor safety systems and check fault reports

the internship

  • You have knowledge or some experience with hotel automation;
  • You are helpful to guests and colleagues
  • You can work independently and self-start
  • You are representative and have a good sense of responsibility.

Your info is always up to date. You consult our (booking) systems, and get information from all departments. After all, you get everywhere, and everyone knows you.

You monitor our standards and identify possible improvements, about which you inform the right colleagues. Mainly coaching, and correcting when necessary.

You provide operational support, but by operating mainly in the background, you let your colleagues shine.

You ask our guests about their experiences. If guests raise issues, you thank them for their involvement. And if a department does not handle a complaint to their satisfaction, you manage to bring it to a positive conclusion.

You monitor our safety systems, checking fault reports. You are alert to emotional and social safety, and take appropriate action in case of calamities and unwanted guests.

You conclude with a daily report on behalf of all operational departments. Besides figures, you summarise the day, leaving room for the experiences of colleagues and guests. You do this neutrally, concisely and informatively.

In short, you help colleagues with information, quality assurance, coaching, support, representation, safety and reporting. A big responsibility that you realise by constantly working together. This is how you develop your strategic insight, coaching and communication skills.

  • A nice and recognised internship where personal and sociable are characteristic.
  • Internship allowance of €500 and many extras such as the “know where you work programme” where you stay overnight at the hotel as a guest, among other things.
  • A committed coach who teaches you to realise operational impact by asking the right questions of the right colleagues.

Grand Hotel Karel V is a hotel with an informal working atmosphere. It is a large property with a quiet, green inner garden, 121 spacious hotel rooms, 13 function rooms, 2 restaurants (Bistro Karel 5 and Restaurant Karel 5) and a wellness and fitness centre. The garden and property are beautifully maintained and the rooms have recently been renovated.


If you have any questions about the vacancy or about working at Grand Hotel Karel V in general, please contact Betty Piepot by phone or e-mail.

Apply by uploading your CV and cover letter.