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With monumental elegance

From 1348, the German House was a starting point for crusaders leaving for areas to convert pagans to Christianity. In addition, the monastery also served to receive dignitaries, kings and nobles. After all, luxury hotels did not exist back then and monasteries usually had good facilities. We honour our famous guests in the naming of our rooms.

Grand Hotel Karel V has hosted many famous guests in all its guises, including Emperor Charles V, Mary of Hungary, Louis Napoleon and the envoy Duke of Osuna. The most prominent guest was, of course, Charles V, the namesake of our hotel. Charles V visited the complex with his sister Mary of Hungary in 1545-1546 for six weeks. He attended meetings of the Order of the Golden Fleece, an exclusive knightly order. Read more about our famous guests and rooms!

Grand Hotel Karel V offers plenary rooms with break-out rooms – to take a break when concentration wanes or an important message arrives. There are also several rooms of various sizes with a capacity of up to 150 people. For dinners, you can join us for up to 135 people. Moreover, both Restaurant Karel 5 and Bistro Karel 5 have their own terrace.